Monday, 23 September 2013

Dimple and Ashish are cheerfully committed, even though Dimple suspects Ashish to have an affair with his secretary Roma. A rapid impact occurs in Dimple's daily life, once her friend, Dr .Jigesh explains her that she suffers blood cancer and has no much to live. Dimple really wants to safe the future of her spouse and also child before she dies. She makes a decision to get Ashish committed to Roma. How can Ashish are affected by Dimple's this choice of having him married? Will Ashish and Roma tie the knot with? Watch out for this impressive stage play 'Chhanu Ne Chhapnu Ke Thai Nai' to really know what comes about more.

Dilip Joshi
Dimple Shah
Pradhan Rawal
Mitil Jain
Aruna Kumar

Watch Online Chhanu Ne Chhapnu Ke Thai Nai - Gujarati Natak Here
Part - 1

Part - 2

Part - 3

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