Saturday, 21 September 2013

Watch Online Babo Aavyo Courier Ma - Gujarati Natak Here

Summary: This play unveils a series of events filled with comedy, confusion, suspense and fun at the expense of the roller coaster lives of the three Jobhanputra men. Rasiklal Jobhanputra, the head of the family is the type of man who loves to enjoy life and believes in experiencing all the fun-filled and exciting moments life has to offer. He has two sons; the elder one named Prem and the younger Bunty. Prem Jobhanputra is a television serial director and Bunty Jobhanputra is a call centre executive. Both sons, like their father enjoy life to the fullest, irrespective of their commitments to their family. The three Jobhanputra men take family responsibility lightly and hence are not very popular with the ladies in their lives.
Vipul Vithalani
Hemant Jha
Shekhar Shukla
Tushar Kapadia
Saurabh Gundharia
Aseem Khan

Directed by:
Vipul Vithalani

Produced by:
Kaustubh Trivedi

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