Sunday, 25 August 2013

Each generation builds a road for another one. And typically there is a clash between older and younger people, who feel they cannot understand each other. SAKHNA RE TO SASU NAHIN is a story of all mothers who are possessive about their children. Kunjbala is one such mother, whose love turns almost into an obsession post the marriage of her son Pratik with Varsha.

It’s natural that Pratik’s span of attention is divided as he tries his best to strike balance with his spouse and mother. Varsha is overwhelmed by the affection of her Mother-in-law but craves for her own space with Pratik. Pratik is torn between two women whom he loves most. Pratik’s efforts in finding solace with Bhadrakant mama fall flat as “the funny mama” adds fuel to fire. The story interweaves drama and relationships with fantastic twists and turns in laugh riot situations.

Cast: Minal Patel, Shruti Dholap, Piyush Rande, Ghazal Rai, Dilip Rawal

Writer: Vipul Mehta

Director: Vipul Mehta

Watch Online Sakhna Re To Sasu Nahi – Gujarati Natak Here
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