Sunday, 25 August 2013

This is the story of college failure Guru. From many years he is in the same college and all the students love him. Guru is an orphan so he does not want to leave college and purposefully he gets failed in exams. In the vacation Guru goes to village of one of his friends. In the village Guru and his friends collides with cruel landlord. Meanwhile, Shankar comes out from the jail and was desperate to take revenge as he was fixed in wrong case by the landlord. Guru and his friends get trapped by the dacoit Bhupat. Shankar helps them to get out from the den of dacoit Bhupat. Friends of Guru secretly take out lots of money collected by dacoit Bhupat and they want to leave the village immediately. Guru does not want to cheat villagers and decides to stay in the village. Now landlord and dacoit Bhupat wanted to kill both Guru and Shankar. It will be interesting to see how Guru and Shankar saved themselves and villagers from the claws of cruel landlord and dreadful dacoit Bhupat.

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