Monday, 9 September 2013

One architect and his beautiful wife and their happy family life. They have two houses, one at Pedar Road and other at Mud Island. On Monday to Friday they reside at Pared Road and on week end at Mud Island. Out of their knowledge, Avinash is residing at Mud Island from Monday to Friday and at Pedar Road on week end. Once moving towards Mud Island fight took place between husband and wife and wife came back to Pedar Road flat. At this side Avinash has called his girl friend Santu on Pedar Road flat her father and her boss follow her and reach to Pedar Road. Now starts the blunder. All this mix up creates unlimited laughter. Watch Ketaki Dave in same Aa ra ra ra theme.

Ketki Dave
Rasik Dave
Dilip Rawal
Santu Rajada
Hitesh Dave
Director: Rasik Dave

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