Monday, 9 September 2013

Vasudev Brahmanand Shastri highly believed in reincarnation, a lot to ensure that he understood his dead spouse, Mangu, will someday walk back in his life. Dabbling in tantric mysteries, he was attempting to make himself younger. One fine day, Mangu, arrives into his life again. But he is actually not prepared for her!! And Vasudev Shastri's globe is not going round! It is shifting upside down.

Siddharth Randeria
Rajul Diwan
Nilesh Joshi
Kishore Sachadev
Harish Panchal
Haresh Mehta
Kamlesh Shah
Ram Milan
Vikram Shah
Dilip Satgare
Bhiravi Vaidhy
Purvi Vyas

Director: Siddharth Randeria

Producer: Kiran Sampat

Music Director: Rajesh Mehta, Jayesh Mehta

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