Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Pappu is a fat as well as adorable middle class guy becoming continuously harassed by his mother-in-law who is perishing to get a grandchild. The merely comfort in his every day life is his adoring wife who encourages him completely. Pappu's good friend Bakul, an enthusiastic actor carrying out ten-second long roles in common TV serials is a normal visitor to the house and accepted tremendously by Pappu's wife.

To switched his mother-in-law's lips for always, Pappu chooses to choose a fertility test. His self-confidence is dashed in spite of this, when his doctor shows him that he will never be able to be a father. Mustering almost all his courage Pappu reaches home to escape this information to his better half, simply to discover her loaded with pleasure as she has simply shown that she will likely be a mother! Pappu quickly starts trusting that the father of his wife's baby-to-be is nothing besides Bakul. However, viewing her so glad, Pappu struggles to say anything to her, not really reveal regarding his report. His spouse quickly knows a change in Pappu's approach, who happens to be no more a adoring husband that he was.

In the meantime Bakul is looking after her requirements from her midnight hunger to planning for a car for her sonography. Unable to take it any longer, Pappu hires a goon to kill his better half. Even though the goon attempts numerous methods, however fails each time, Pappu's doctor comes to him and notify that there was a mistake in his report. Pappu is perfectly fit and also completely capable of fathering a kid. Overjoyed at the awareness that his better half is definitely displaying his very own child, Pappu right now needs to quit the goon from eliminating her. Will Pappu be able to save his wife?

Sanjay Goradia
Sneha Desai
Sounil Daru
Sharad Sharma
Chaya Vora

Writer: Imtiaz Patel

Director: Vipul Mehta

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