Thursday, 22 August 2013

Prof. Parimal Pujaras dead father in law comes to him in a dream and also explains him fo the large bundle of money he has placed in the jungles of Khandala. Prof. Pujara is at Kandala with his recently wedded second better half on a honeymoon. After trying to find higher and lower but not discovering any treasure. Prof. Pujara requests the tantrik Satellite Shivmani to communicate his dead father in laws thoughts and soul. The idea misfires. For it is Bakula, the professors very first better half (at present dead) who appears as much as help discover the treasure. What follows is a laugh a minute riot of entertainment.

Siddharth Randheria
Raj Kamal Deshpande
Sameer Gurav
Rajul Diwan
Suraj Vyas
Swati Shah
Purvi Vyas

Director: Sidharth Randeria

Watch online Bas Kar Bakula - Gujarati Natak Now

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